Woman claims Katt Williams attacked after Kevin Hart comment

ATLANTA — A group of woman, who accused comedian Katt Williams of attacking them, are now pleading with the district attorney to pursue felony charges against the entertainer.

Channel 2’s Tom Regan spoke exclusively to the women, who say their night on the town turned into a nightmare over one simple comment.

“It was basically a night from hell,” said one victim, named Selena.

The five women were in Midtown Atlanta for a bachelorette party on Feb. 28 when they ran into Williams and his entourage.

They say it began as a fun picture taking encounter, but quickly turned into chaos when Williams became irritated and verbally abusive. %



“I said Kevin Hart is funnier anyway and that like lit a fire under him,” Selena said. “The next thing I know he's charging at me. He actually hit me right here in my left temple (and) tackled me to the ground. We were tussling, I get kicked and I get pulled."

Selena said when she and her friend ran back to their car, two cars in Williams’ security entourage blocked them in and the comedian pulled out a gun.

“He pointed it at our vehicle and waved it back and forth like something out of a movies,” she said.

Another woman says her phone was taken by one of Williams’ security guards.

“He picks me up and throws me in my car and steals the phone, and he walked off and Katt says, ‘You got it? Yeah I got it.”

Williams, who was arrested on charges including misdemeanor battery and theft by taking, got out of jail on bond and says he is innocent

An attorney for the women says Atlanta police failed to properly investigate the incident or bring charges consistent with what happened.

“We are going to ask them to pursue felony charges against Mr. Williams and his entourage who assaulted these young women,” the attorney said.

In addition to his legal troubles in Atlanta, Williams also faces criminal charges stemming from two incidents in Hall County, where he lives.