Accused shooter gives condolences to victim's family before testifying in trial

ATLANTA — The man who is accused of shooting a woman as she hid in her closet and called 911, took the stand and denied he was involved.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones was in court Wednesday as the defendant offered his condolences to the victim's family.

Jones said it caught the victim's family by surprise and also seemed to catch the prosecutor by surprise since he reminded Jonathan Banks, 26, he accused of ending Pamela Williams' life.

“I would like to give my condolences to the Williams family,” Banks told the court Wednesday.

Prosecutor Clint Rucker asked Banks if he knew Williams’ family thinks he is the one who pulled trigger.

“I don't believe they feel like I did that. Y’all are trying to make them believe us three have something to do with this,” Banks told Rucker.


Prosecutors say Banks, James Calhoun and James Sims broke into Williams’ home in November 2013.

Rucker said Banks shot the Camp Creek Target store manager in the head as she hid in her closet on the phone with 911.

Rucker told Banks he was in denial about his role in the crime.

“You would never have the guts to admit to the jury that you shot Ms. Williams, would you?” Rucker asked Banks.

“I never shot Ms. Williams. I wouldn’t sit there and place that on myself,” Banks said.

Prosecutors reminded Banks that his own mother said she felt he had something to do with the murder and testified Banks told her he was back there, meaning near Williams’ home.%



“She lying,” Banks said.

“Your momma is a liar?” Rucker asked Banks.

“Yes,” Banks said.

Jones said prosecutors also reminded Banks his aunt testified he told her he accidentally shot Williams after she startled him.

Banks said his aunt made that up because she thought he would reveal their secret.

“We had sex a couple of times before prison and after prison,” Banks said.

The trial will resume on Thursday.