12-year-old, 16-year-old shot outside high school football game, police say

ATLANTA — The search is on for the people involved in a shootout after a high school football game.

A 12- and 16-year-old were caught in the crossfire of shooting at Lakewood Stadium late Saturday night.

Police said this all started with an argument in the parking lot and spilled over into a city street.

Atlanta police investigated for hours trying and piece together what happened.

Jayla Baker is a student at Carver High School and said she was inside the stadium when shots rang out Saturday evening.


"It was a normal football game then it just went reckless. Everybody was leaving the game and then you heard shots and everybody was running the opposite way," Baker said.

Baker told Channel 2's Kristen Holloway that the game was packed with people who didn't attend Mays or Carver high schools because she said it was such a huge rivalry game for the city of Atlanta.

"Anything can happen. I don't feel like nowhere you go is necessarily safe, so just make sure you aware of your surroundings," Baker said.

Meanwhile, her mother wants tighter security for future Atlanta Public School football games.

"I just think they need to have more police up there and everything. I don't care if they walk the stands or whatever they have to," the mother said.

Police said the 12-year-old is in stable condition, and the 16-year-old was treated and released from the hospital.