Witness says car flew into the air during deadly crash on downtown connector

ATLANTA — For the first time we're hearing from the man who witnessed the crash on the downtown connector that injured six and killed a beloved husband and father of two.

The witness told Channel 2's Audrey Washington he saw one car fly into the air.

Quentin Coleman, an Uber driver, told Washington he was taking two passengers to a club on Edgewood Avenue along the downtown connector. That’s when he heard the boom and saw that horrific crash.

“It was just unreal," Coleman said. "It was a high rate of speed and it was really dark and it went like vroom, boom and the car went up in the air.”


Atlanta police said Kahre Williams, 34, led troopers on an out of control pursuit. They said he slammed into two vehicles, along the downtown connector and then took off.

“As the cars spun out he got out and ran on foot. He knew he was in trouble and thank God the police caught him," Coleman said.

Juan Gispert, 28, and his parents were in one of the vehicles that were hit. Gispert died at the scene. His mother was rushed to Grady Hospital in critical condition.

Gispert’s younger brother and his aunt were also hit.

Sunday, our ABC affiliate in South Florida spoke with Gispert’s nephew.

“He was a great father. An entrepreneur. businessman. Very, very loved by the community and everyone in this area," Anthony Gispert said.

According to family members, Juan Gispert took a vacation to Michigan. He was on his way back to South Florida to spend Easter Sunday with his wife and two children -- but then, the crash.

Two people in the other car were hurt, as well.

“I hope that God comforts them and heals them during this time and I hope we all learn from this," Coleman said.

Williams is charged with DUI and multiple felonies.

He is due in court Monday morning.