Atlanta woman accused of shooting, killing lover

ATLANTA — Channel 2 has learned exclusive details from sources about a murder investigation in DeKalb County.

Channel 2’s Ryan Young  was there as Atlanta homicide detectives walked Victoria Rickman from court Friday.

The 31-year-old mother was charged with murdering her ex-fiancée on Sept 13.

Attorney R. Stephen Roberts told Young details about how William James Carter Jr. was shot at least 10 times, mostly in the back.

Rickman told Atlanta police she killed Carter, a businessman and father, after he tried to rape her. Police and Carter’s family said they find that hard to believe.

Roberts said the couple recently had troubles.

"They had recently broken up. She had been arrested for bodily harm and had claimed sexual abuse by him, but that was dropped by the DA's (district attorney's) office," Roberts said.

When detectives arrived to the house, on Clifton Road in DeKalb County, Rickman's story unraveled.

Detectives said there were no signs of struggle and believe the sex was consensual.

Neighbor Gilbert Rachel said he met a man who made a bold claim after the murder.

“He told [me] he gave her the gun. She called him [and said] that she had shot him. He said he needed to call police,” Rachel said.

Detectives are still working on the case.