Police: Jaguars, Audis stolen in luxury car theft ring

ATLANTA — Several car dealership owners are relieved after police busted what they call a large luxury car theft ring.

Investigators say thieves pretend they want to buy a pricey car, and swap the real key with an identical fake one.

Later, they come back and drive the new car off the lot.

Alex Enakhifo, manager at the Atlanta Luxury Motors in Buford, says the company's dealerships were hit five times over the past year. Thieves took everything from Audis to Jaguars.

"They are slick about it," Enakhifo said. "Usually two people at a time."

Gwinnett County police say they have linked the crimes to Deshun Williams.

They believe Williams and accomplices pulled the key swap several times, then altered vehicle identification numbers and sold the cars.