• Police arrest second suspect in Phipps Plaza carjacking


    ATLANTA - Police have made a second arrest in the carjacking and beating of a woman at Phipps Plaza earlier this month.

    The United States Marshal’s Counter Gang Unit arrested fugitive Ethan Gathright, 17, on Tuesday in DeKalb County. 

    Garthright has been charged by the Atlanta Police Gang Unit in the carjacking of a woman at Phipps Plaza, along with a July 5 carjacking on Caroline Street near Target. 

    Steven Spigner, 17, was also arrested in the Phipps Plaza case.

    Michelle Wing was walking to her car outside Twist restaurant just after 11 p.m. Aug. 4 when she was attacked, police said.

    “It's scary, very barbaric,” Wing said. “They ran up from behind me, like full-force run, and he didn't say anything, he just punched me in the face.”

    Wing said she started shouting "stop," but one of the men kept striking her.

    “He hit me four to five times in the nose and the mouth,” Wing said.

    Wing has a hairline fracture in her face and a swollen eye, cheek and mouth. The attackers took off with her car.

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