Athens police are still searching for men who stole car with 9-month-old inside

ATHENS, Ga. — Athens-Clarke County police are searching for the men responsible for stealing a vehicle with a 9-month-old inside.

The child, Saint Griffin Jones, was taken on a frightening, hours-long ride on Friday night. He was kidnapped in his mother’s car when she ran into the house to grab something. Jones’ mother mistakenly left the car running as she ran into the house.

“An unknown person hopped into the vehicle and drove off while the baby was still strapped in the car seat in the back. How horrifying for the mother. … Yes, very terrible, very distraught,” said Lt. Shaun Barnett with Athens Clark County police.

The child was missing for nearly 11 hours.

Early Saturday morning, the car was found abandoned miles from where it was stolen.

Police released the body camera footage from the officers who luckily found Jones.

Sgt. Chris England can be heard trying to soothe the baby.

“Hey, baby. That’s OK, that’s OK,” he said.


Just a short time later, you can hear the officer giving praise for the baby being located.

“You can hear, ‘Thank God,’ and just sounds of relief that he is expressing relief at finding the missing 9-month-old,” said Barnett.

The baby was OK even after being away from his mother for so many hours.

Police are still looking for the suspects in this case.