• Finch Elementary cleared to open Friday


    ATLANTA - Atlanta Public School officials have been given the OK to reopen Finch Elementary School.

    Students will return to the school for the first time since a carbon monoxide leak sent more than 50 people to the hospital Monday.

    A temporary boiler has been installed at the school and was inspected Thursday.

    This comes on the same day that APS announced that the CO leak was being investigated as human error.

    In a news conference Thursday morning, APS Superintendent Erroll Davis said two maintenance workers did not reset a valve inside the boiler room after doing preventive work on Friday, overworking the boiler over the weekend, causing students and staff to get sick on Monday.

    "When all of this broke I would have hoped that they would've come forward and at least indicated that they were working on equipment in the building," Davis said. “This is obviously a serious matter. We have now launched a full investigation of that. Again, we hold our employees to the highest ethical standards, and we intend to address these issues swiftly.”



    An investigation is under way to determine why that didn't happen.

    Finch Elementary parents picking up their children Thursday told Channel 2’s Shae Rozzi they thought those employees should be fired.  

    "I think they should lose their jobs because it is not a mistake that needs to be made. Their mistake put people's lives in danger," parent Desmond Sigers said.

    Fire investigators said they measured record high levels of carbon monoxide inside the school that could be lethal within two hours.

    School leaders are also applauding the efforts of the school's principal for evacuating the building and keeping the rest of the students safe.

    "Carol Evans, who is the principal, performed a heroic effort and we'd like to thank her publicly for her leadership," said Associate Superintendent Steve Smith.

    The principal sent home a letter to parents with students Thursday saying she's letting them know that carbon monoxide detectors have now been installed inside Finch Elementary.

    APS leaders told Rozzi they're trying to do that district-wide as well.

    A lawyer who asked not to be named told Rozzi on Wednesday that a group of families may be pursuing legal action against the school.



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