Buckhead nightclub target of investigation after 2 murders outside venue

Police are targeting a Buckhead nightclub that's been the scene of two murders in just two months.

ATLANTA — Police are targeting a Buckhead nightclub that's been the scene of two murders in 10 months.

It's Level V nightclub on Tula Street, just off of Peachtree Road.

Officials with the Atlanta Police Department called Channel 2 Action News about the chief's growing concerns over crime tied to the club.

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Officers recently arrested the owner, Terrence Herron, and Friday, Channel 2 investigative reporter Aaron Diamant caught up with him, stocking up and preparing for business.

When Diamant arrived, Herron was accepting a big order of booze.

"You're really getting another liquor delivery right now?" Diamant asked.

It was a reasonable question, Diamant felt, considering Atlanta police charged Herron a week ago for serving liquor without a license.

"So are you planning on opening back up?" Diamant asked.

"Oh yes, we'll definitely be open. We'll be open today," Herron said.

Atlanta police gave us Channel 2 Action News bodycam video of officers removing more than 800 bottles of liquor and beer from the club while serving a search warrant.

"It's my sincere hope that the location can be permanently closed," APD Chief Erika Shields said.

In an exclusive interview, Shields said the department is targeting the club after two shooting deaths during fights outside the club -- one in July and one last October.


"You have two unrelated homicides in 10 months. That's not a typical business model. That's negligence," Shields said.

"The police chief was pretty strong about the fact that there were two murders here in the last year or so," Diamant told Herron.

"They never happened on the inside. They always happened on the outside in the shared parking lot with all these other businesses. I'm not sure where these people come from. Thank you," Herron said.

The chief kind of figured Herron might say something like that.

"At that point, you're just irresponsible and you have no business running a business," Shields said.

Shields said APD has cited the club five times for operating illegally.

When police showed up last week, APD said the club did have a city liquor license, but not one from the state.

Herron showed Diamant, on his phone, a picture of what he said was his new state liquor license.

"Again, Georgia Department of Revenue, expires. This permit is not transferable, so obviously it's a permit, there's my address 2101, and liquor beer and wine," Herron said.

But the chief has a warning for Herron.

"They need to know that they're on our radar," Herron said. "People should be able to go out in the city and not be killed."

The Georgia Department of Revenue confirmed it issued the club a temporary state liquor license on Wednesday, just days after APD arrested the owner.

Shields said APD has already begun the process to revoke the club's city liquor license. But for now, the club has both licenses it needs to sell liquor legally.