APD chief addresses mold, water damage issues at precincts

Officers say conditions at precincts are health concern

ATLANTA — Atlanta police officers worry that conditions at two local precincts are so bad they could pose a health risk.
Police Chief George Turner hopes to address the maintenance concerns in his five-year strategic plan.

"We think the mold issue has been eradicated, but quite frankly, we got structures that we need to make sure are appropriate for a professional work environment," Turner told Channel 2's Rachel Stockman.
When Channel 2 Action News visited the Zone 1 precinct in northwest Atlanta, we saw holes in the wall, crumbling floors, exposed wire, ceiling tiles with water stains -- some so damaged they fell of completely.  In a closet, a leak threatened $60,000 worth of server equipment. 
Channel 2 showed the video of the precinct to Council Member Michael Julian Bond. Turner said Zone 4 also has some water leak issues.
"Not only is it painful, it is personally, I am a former law enforcement officer, I don't want to see them working in those kind of conditions," said Bond, who chairs the public safety committee.

Turner said they have put short term fixes to some of the more egregious issues in the buildings, including mold.  Bond said the recession and lack of funding put preventative maintenance on the back burner for several years, leading to even greater problems. 

Turner addressed the concerns during a public safety committee hearing on Thursday.
"If this was an apartment or a home, you wouldn't have people living in there in those types of conditions, and our police officers deserve better and we are going to work to get them better," Bond said.