• Anarchists take credit for Mall of Georgia calendar thefts


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - An anonymous group has come forward and confessed to stealing dozens of racy calendars from a Mall of Georgia kiosk and replacing them with protest signs.

    A viewer alerted Channel 2’s Tony Thomas to a posting on a Christian anarchist site after Thomas reported the calendar thefts. The anonymous post claims credit for the theft of nearly 200 calendars.

    Mall kiosk worker Chris Tott said he never saw the thieves who swiped calendars featuring Sports Illustrated models and Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

    “All the calendars on the shelf were gone, all the girlie calendars,” Tott said.

    The website post says three people are behind the shoplifting because, “Every day on the way to work we had to walk by this kiosk. Each passing encounter forced a specific sexuality and beauty standard upon us and we couldn’t take it anymore.”

    Gwinnett police told Thomas they believe whoever posted on the JesusRadicals.com website is involved in the crime.

    “They talked about wearing gloves. They talked about having a small team, one person to distract, another one to lookout and then the third person to actually load up the calendars,” Cpl. Jake Smith said.

    The post also showed a picture of the signs left behind where the calendars were. The signs are now in police evidence and are being checked for fingerprints.

    Kiosk owner Jessica Roy said the shoplifters are targeting the wrong people.

    “We are not Sports Illustrated. We are a small business that's just trying to make a living,” Roy said.
    Thomas contacted the administrator of the website, who said he does not know anything about the crime aside from what was posted on the Internet.

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