• ALERT: Your personal information is for sale on the dark web


    ATLANTA - This may surprise you: Georgia voter roll data is for sale on a secret online forum for hackers and criminals.

    Channel 2’s Justin Gray learned that on a dark web hacking forum, $250 will buy you voter roll information on all the voters in the state of Georgia.

    But if you want swing state Wisconsin, you'll have to pony up more than $12,000.

    Channel 2 Action News started investigating when we were alerted that someone was advertising for-sale voter lists.

    Cybersecurity researchers at Anomali Labs spotted the voter lists on a hacking forum popular with online criminals.

    Up to date for 2018 – names, addresses, voting records and more for 35 million Americans in 19 states.
    Anomali reported it to the FBI.

    “Any of the other actors in that forum that have that kind of money and want to pay that money for this information means they probably have some fairly nefarious purposes in mind of what they want to do with it,” said Travis Farral with Anomali Labs.


    Most of this information is public and available legally. The state of Georgia even has an online store where you can pick what voter information you want. The statewide voter list costs $250, the same price as on the dark web

    That's why federal officials say this is not necessarily an election security threat.

    Homeland security told Channel 2 Action News they are aware of the report but note most of this is public data, a DHS official says.

    "It does not appear that this data is indicative of a successful breach of state or local election infrastructure,” the DHS official said. 

    But the team at Anomali is still concerned what the bad actors on this forum might want to do with all that information.

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