• Teen wanted for running over sheriff's deputy, breaking into cars, police say

    By: Matt Johnson


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Marietta police released new photos of one of two teens accused of running over a sheriff's deputy while trying to get away after breaking into cars.

    The incident happened Monday morning at the Cobb County courthouse. 

    The deputy is recovering, but authorities want the teen caught. 

    "Anyone who would be brave enough to assault a law enforcement officer during the performance of their duties, there's no telling what they'll be able to do to the general public. So naturally, we want to make sure we get these folks off the streets as quickly as possible," a spokesperson with the Marietta Police Department said.

    Police say he didn't act alone. Channel 2's Matt Johnson learned police arrested Equwan Marshall, 16, after they said he walked into an Atlanta hospital with a gunshot wound.

    They said they also found the car he was in on I-75 with a bullet hole in the windshield.


    Johnson asked Marietta police if these suspects were linked to any other crimes in the area, they told him they believe the same two suspects drove it out of the lot.

    Police said they believe the last remaining suspect ran away before anyone else is hurt.

    "Anyone brazen enough to assault a law enforcement officer. There's no telling what they would be willing to do to the general public," 

    The 16-year-old in custody is being charged as an adult given the serious aggravated assault on an officer charges.

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