911 call reveals chilling details of brothers' alleged attempt to kill parents

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The Gwinnett County Police Department has released dramatic 911 calls in the case of two brothers who are accused of trying to kill their parents.
Police say Yvonne Ervin called 911 on Sept. 5 around 7:49 a.m. and told emergency dispatchers her sons Cameron, 17,  and Christopher Ervin, 22,  were trying to kill her and her husband Zachary Ervin.
In the newly released 911 calls, Yvonne is heard telling the dispatcher that her sons drugged her and Zachary's food. As they were waking up, Yvonne said the couple was beaten and strangled by their sons.

"My sons are trying to kill me," Yvonne told the dispatcher. "They attacked me and my husband. They drugged us with Xanax, and they attacked us. They are trying to kill us."

For five minutes, Yvonne talked with the dispatcher, saying she was hiding in her bedroom as her husband Zach distracted their two sons downstairs.

“He's in the garage and he was screaming. He was trying to blow the horn just to get attention of our neighbors,” Yvonne said.

In the call, Yvonne also told the dispatcher that her sons may have wanted insurance money. Toward the end of the call, you can hear Yvonne scream and the line goes silent.
When officers arrived, they found Zachary and one of the sons outside the home. Zachary was severely injured and bleeding heavily from a stab wound.
Officers found Yvonne with the other son inside the home. Police say she was also severely injured.
Police say they noticed the gas line had been tampered with and suspect the sons tried to burn the house down. Both parents were transported to a hospital, and both sons were transported to police headquarters.

While in a police cruiser, Cameron allgedely said "Just kill me now" and when asked why he said, "I tried to f****** kill my parents. Who does that?"

Cameron and Christopher Ervin are charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of first-degree arson.

Monday, Channel 2’s Tony Thomas saw Yvonne leave the home with relatives.

According to Thomas, she had at least one black eye and didn't respond to questions.

Police and neighbors struggle to figure out what led up to the violent attack.

" I won't say a perfect family, but as close as you could get," neighbor Sylvia Johnson said.

In a police report Thomas obtained, Zachary, who is still hopsitalized, told officers his son Cameron beat him.

The dad suffered stab wounds and severe head injuries.

Both sons remain in jail.