• 79-year-old charged after police find pounds of pot, $130K in home

    By: Ryan Young


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police said they arrested a 79-year-old woman accused of selling marijuana.

    Norma Cheren may look like someone's grandmother with her glasses and silver hair, but investigators said they were surprised when they found nine pounds of marijuana and $130,000 in cash in her home.

    Cheren was in a Fulton County courtroom Monday facing drug charges. The 79-year-old appeared before a judge wearing a Fulton County jumpsuit.

    When the judge asked her a few questions she replied that she was nervous.

    APD's narcotics team raided her house on Vickers Street in southeast Atlanta on Thursday after detectives said they caught her trying to sell marijuana near the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead.

    One of her neighbors told Channel 2's Ryan Young they couldn't believe Cheren was arrested.

    "I'm shocked, I'm totally shocked. I would have never expected it," the neighbor said. "Little old lady, she lives by herself, always see her coming in, coming out. Thought she was going to work."

    Young obtained photos of what police confiscated inside Cheren's home. One photo shows cash lining old-style lunch boxes.

    Police said they found a total of about $130,000 along with about nine pounds of the drug.

    Her neighbors told Young they thought visitors to the home were just taking care of Cheren.



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