• 67-year-old flees from robber in car


    ATLANTA - A 67-year-old man said a robber jumped into his car and tried to force him to drive to an ATM in northwest Atlanta.

    Victor Earle said he's still shaken up after nearly being carjacked in front of his old business. He told Channel 2's Craig Lucie he was stuck in traffic on Defoor Avenue when the robber opened his passenger side door Sept. 17.

    “He got into the car and said he wanted to get money from me, (saying) ‘Let's go to the Kroger,’” Earle said.

    Instead, Earle said he pulled into the Frosty Treats ice cream trucks parking lot off Chattahoochee Avenue, where he used to be the manager. Then, Earle leaped out of his car and ran toward his old colleagues, who confronted the robber and chased him.

    One of Earle's former colleagues told Atlanta police that they chased the man in front of a Waffle House restaurant and through a Walmart parking lot off Howell Mill Road. Police noted in their report that the man took off his white T-shirt in hopes that he wouldn't be recognized in his black undershirt as he was running. The robber got away.

    “I’m not used to anything like that happening to me, and I’m 67 years of age, and I expect to lead a better life,” Earle told Lucie.

    Earle said if the man is ever by his old office, he'll recognize him because this is the second time the same man has tried to force him to go to an ATM.

    “I suppose he must have been watching me, because that's the only place I go to,” Earle said.


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