4 dead, 30 in hospital after mass overdose

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Public Health said six more overdose cases possibly related to fake Percocet were reported Wednesday morning in middle Georgia. None of these cases have been confirmed as overdoses related to the street drugs.

Georgia Poison Center is working with hospitals and gathering more information to determine whether these additional cases are connected to a cluster of overdoses reported in the last three days.

The Bibb County coroner began to release the names of some of people Wednesday who overdosed on the fake percocet pills.

Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes got a first look at the pill Wednesday. Officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are still trying to figure out what it is while police work to figure out where its coming from.


“This is a very fast acting substance and treatment needs to be rendered very quickly to save the person,” Bibb County Sheriff David Davis told Fernandes.

So far, four people have died and 30 are in the hospital because of overdoses.

Police don't believe they all know each other but the one thing they have in common they all took the yellow pills.

“The GBI is doing toxicology now to see what exactly is the makeup of this pill but the medical people tell us its some type of opiate,” Davis said.

Wednesday, Coroner Leon Jones released the names of some the victims.

He said Amirrah Gillens, 36, died on Sunday, and Gregory Mitchell, 52, from Macon, died Tuesday morning.

Police said Mitchell's sister also took the poison pill and suffered an overdose Tuesday, but she survived.

Davis said he isn't focusing on making arrests at this point. His focus is on making sure everyone knows not to touch this pill.

“If they see these pills, don't handle them because there's a potential of the components to be absorbed through your skin and cause a reaction that way,” Davis said.