• 4-time cancer survivor celebrates birthday with acts of kindness


    ATLANTA - A four-time cancer survivor is inviting everyone to help celebrate her 30th birthday with random acts of kindness.

    Hundreds have responded to Lauraine Frank's Spread the Love Birthweek Challenge on Facebook. They're posting pictures of nice notes, delivering treats to firefighters and leaving big tips for waiters.

    Channel 2's Jeff Dore spoke to Frank Monday afternoon at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, where she works.

    He met her two years ago while she was helping put on the annual Light the Night fundraiser to fight blood cancers. She's fought Hodgkin's lymphoma four times. The last time, a battle royale -- a stem-cell transplant and then eight months of quarantine.

    She said people swamped her with kindness.

    "LLS put together a package, and every day they had me for the first hundred days of my transplant, which were the toughest, in and out of the hospital most of that time, put together a gift for me to open every day," Frank said.

    For her 30th birthday, she decided to give random acts of kindness to others.

    "But then, I just had the idea to send it out to my 13-hundred-plus Facebook friends and just kind of see what the response would be, and see if they wanted to do it with me, and the response has been overwhelming," she said.

    At Lauraine's Spread the Love Birthweek Challenge on Facebook, people have sent in pictures of nice notes they've left for people, a cupcake given, video of bringing treats to a fire station and giant tips for waiters.

    One of her fans on Facebook paid for three drivers at the toll plaza.

    Frank's co-worker Tracy Manning got her 5-year-old involved at Target.

    "He asked the cashier what her favorite candy was and we turned around and picked that up and purchased it and in turn presented it to her," Manning said.

    Frank plans to give a present to the person whose kindness gets the most Facebook likes.

    As for her cancer battle, Frank said she has her one-year scans coming up.

    Click here to join Frank's Birthweek Challenge.

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