• 3rd Cain accuser comes forward


    None - A third former employee of presidential hopeful Herman Cain is saying she considered filing a workplace complaint over what she called aggressive and unwanted behavior by the candidate.

    The Republican candidate said he wasn't letting the reports of the sexual harassment reports break his stride.

    The woman in the latest accusation worked for the National Restaurant Association, where Cain was CEO in the 1990s. She claims Cain made inappropriate remarks to her around the same time two co-workers settled complaints against him.

    Cain said that if his opponents are behind the revelations to hurt his campaign, their strategy isn't working. He dodged questions about the issue at an event in Alexandria, Va. on Wednesday.

    “Let me say one thing, I'm here with these doctors and that's what I'm going to talk about, so don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about, OK? Don't even bother,” he said.


    Cain has been trying to move past 12-year-old accusations of sexual harassment. But now, one of his accuser's attorneys is asking the National Restaurant Association to remove the confidentiality agreement so his client can talk. Meanwhile, in Virginia, Cain was talking about how he would fix rising health care costs.

    “We don't have a health care problem in America, we have a health care cost problem in America, and the health care cost problem in America has only been exacerbated because of the paradigm that has grown since 1943, and that is that too many people work for companies that thankfully can provide health care insurance but they see it as somebody else's money,” Cain said.

    He also said he has a target on his back.

    “The first phase is they ignore you, and they ignored us for about the first six months of this year. Second phase, they ridicule you and some of the pundits have described the Cain candidacy for president as entertaining. So, we did get our share of ridicule. The third phase, they try to destroy you. Well, got a little of that this week,” Cain said.

    But he hasn't seen a drop in the polls since the harassment claims broke. His campaign said it actually saw an increase in fundraising, hauling in more than $400,000 Monday.

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