$300,000 worth of guns, cash stolen from Atlanta hotel

ATLANTA — Police are searching for the men who broke into a local record label executives home inside the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta and walked away with $300,000 worth of belongings.

Atlanta police gave Channel 2's Liz Artz pictures of a group of suspects they said burglarized a condo at the top of the hotel off Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard.

The pictures show the men walk out with Louis Vuitton suitcases police said were full of firearms, including AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and 100 rounds.

"Particularity concerned with the firearms and of course getting those off the streets,” said Atlanta Police Officer Donald Hannah. “Try to obtain any information we can about those firearms, serial numbers, so that if they come up at any other point, we can tie them to this as well."


According to the police report, the men stole high end luggage worth thousands of dollars, stuffing it full of guns, cash and other belongings.

“We're looking at a total of around $300,000 worth of damages,” Hannah said.

Police said the condo is owned by a local executive who represents local rappers.

Artz spoke to a man who said he's a relative of the victim and the one staying in the unit.

“He'll start to realize there are more items stolen, what in particular was stolen, hopefully number won’t grow more than what has,” Hannah said.

Police said two handguns were also stolen.

"Get them off the street as soon as possible, we don’t want to contribute to additional crimes,” Hannah said "We’re hoping someone, somewhere will recognize these suspects and contact us as soon as possible.

Leison Shears said he was the victim of the theft.

Shears said the burglars knew what they wanted and where to find it. He said they were intentional they didn't ransack the place.

“They knew where everything was, like where we kept everything,” Shears said. "I definitely believe that someone inside was helping these guys get access to the building."