Group of parents to file a lawsuit against metro school district over bullying

The parents don?t want money. They want change.

Up to 30 parents are ready to file suit against Cobb County Schools over bullying.

The families say the district is mislabeling bullying as misunderstandings or horseplay intentionally to make schools seem safer.

Channel 2’s Sophia Choi sat down with the attorney that sent the district an ante litem notice, alerting the district about the impending lawsuit. The suit seeks policy changes, not money.

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“Time and time again, they’re like it only happened once so it’s not bullying. And I’m like, ‘Where the heck are you getting this repeated junk?’ It doesn’t have to be repeated, that’s not the law," attorney Robert Madayag told Choi.


In a statement, a spokesperson for Cobb County Schools said in part “Through guidance and support provided by the Federal and state government, we are confident our supports for students are in compliance with both policy and the law.”

A Channel 2 investigation in May showed a dramatic decrease in the school district’s bullying data, since Superintendent Chris Ragsdale started working at Cobb Schools.

The data showed an 86 percent drop in five years between 2014 and 2018.

Parents said the numbers aren’t true, and they are ready to prove it in court with testimony from children who reported being bullied.

“There have been kids that have been beaten on buses, beaten in classrooms- without any follow up” said Madayag.