• 3 shootings at metro Atlanta home has neighbors on edge

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police are investigating three different shootings, apparently targeting the same family living in a southeast Atlanta home.

    Neighbors say the family who lived at the home on Little Street left temporarily because they're so scared.

    The shootings started Aug. 14.

    "At about 2 p.m. I heard 10 to 15 shots fired,” said neighbor Greg Andrews.

    “We heard a car peel off and then the following afternoon at around 2 p.m., we heard a bunch of gunshots again and the same thing with the car,” said another neighbor, Eden Johnson.

    Police said the family was inside during at least one of the three apparent targeted shooting, which continued through the weekend.

    Atlanta police collected more than a dozen casings near the home.  The home is across the street from fields and a park.

    “There is ton of kids around. We come home every night and there is usually I’d say a 100 kids on that field. With that kind of stuff going on that is my first worry,” said Johnson.

    Channel 2 Action News saw Atlanta police out with beefed-up patrols on both Sunday and Monday night. 

    Investigators arrested 28-year-old Amari Wingfield for making terroristic threats.

    According to a police report, Wingfield left a voicemail on a family member’s phone saying in part, “I’m going to shoot up your house,” but police have not been able to link to the shootings.

    “Is it safe to have your kids out in the day if someone is just going to be walking down the street with a handgun?,” said Andrews.

    Neighbors said they will not tolerate this kind of crime in the usually quiet neighborhood, and they even organized a cookout in front of the home over the weekend to show their solidarity.

    The report does not mention if this was gang- or drug-related and there is no known motive.

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