• $350K worth of exotic drugs seized in 'large-scale' operation

    By: Tom Regan


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - Douglas County investigators said they seized a dangerous, concentrated form of the chemical found in marijuana and more.

    Channel 2’s Tom Regan learned the Douglas County Sheriff's Office drug fighting team made the massive seizure of illegal drugs last week.

    On Thursday, the office showed off the haul of illegal drugs; 60 pounds of high quality marijuana, several ounces of cocaine, THC wax, marijuana butter and with a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    “You're talking $400,000 if you add all these in potentially,” said Douglas County Sheriff Sgt. Jesse Hambrick.

    Drug investigators got tipped that a large delivery of drugs was about to be made at a Villa Rica home. They stopped a U-Haul truck. Inside they said they found 50 pounds of pot, hydroponically grown, fresh from California and very potent.


    “This is not your father's marijuana. This is new age," Hambrick said.

    And as powerful as the pot, there's THC wax and butter. That's a resin extracted from marijuana that is nearly pure THC, the active ingredient marijuana.

    “The problem with this particular drug, when it's in concentrated form, the THC can be 60, 70,80 percent pure,” Hambrick said. “Something with this type of potency can cause very serious psychological effects."

    Deputies arrested two men and a woman on numerous drug charges. They also seized around $13,000 in cash and a stolen handgun. They said drug enforcement is a top priority.

    “In metro Atlanta, all of our agencies are working closely to prevent this problem,” Hambrick said.

    The sheriff's office said their investigation is still open and there could be more arrests.

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