Family wants judge to step down after allowing murder suspect out of jail

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police said they have arrested a second person in connection with the killing of a father as he left a wedding last month.

Now, the victim's family is asking a judge to step down over how she handled the release of the accused killer.

Christian Broder's family told Channel 2's Tom Jones that they are not happy after learning Judge Doris Downs released Jayden Myrick, 17, who is accused of shooting Christian Broder outside a Brookhaven country club on July 8, even though the teen had a violent history and prosecutors opposed his release.

Christian Broder killed in robbery

“We're asking our friends, family and the entire community for Judge Downs to step down,” Christian Broder's father, Charlie Broder, said.

Broder said Christian Broder would still be alive today if Downs hadn’t released Myrick.

“It obvious it could have been prevented, but it wasn't and that's why we are trying to make a statement,” Charlie Broder told Jones.

Christian Broder's family posted a petition on asking Downs to step down.


Downs released Myrick to a rehabilitation program two and a half years into a seven-year sentence for the armed robbery of a woman.

The judge released Myrick even though prosecutors said he was still using guns and in a gang.

“Fulton County Superior Court Judge Doris Downs made an abhorrent decision to release a violent criminal into the Atlanta community,” Charlie Broder said.

When Jones asked the judge to comment for this story, Downs declined.

Police announced Thursday they had arrested convicted felon Torrus Fleetwood, 19, in connection with the shooting.

Torrus Schrontay Fleetwood, 19

Officers said he was the getaway driver the night Christian Broder was shot outside Capital City Club.

“I had heard that it was coming and I'm very pleased with law enforcement,” Charlie Broder said.

The father told Jones he doesn’t want another violent criminal released to harm another innocent person.

“We need a change. We need to make (a) change,” Broder said.

The Broders posted the petition just before noon on Thursday, looking for 500 supporters. They quickly surpassed that.

The Broders hope the petition is the start of the change they are looking for.