• 2013's local social media influencers


    ATLANTA - Here are the social media influencers who got our attention in 2013:


    The last word on what's happening in the ATL...when Jennifer Brett tweets, people listen.

    2) PASTE MAGAZINE @PasteMagazine

    Nationally known, local folks. Our vote for best tweeters on all things popular culture, especially music.


    They've built a large following in no time flat, no doubt these two young guys have wow'd us.

    4) CLARK HOWARD @ClarkHoward

    Well, duh.


    Not the professional team with the most followers, but possibly the team having the most fun in social.

    6) JOVITA MOORE @JovitaMoore

    She's part of our family, so maybe we're biased. Still, Jovita kills it in social on every platform.


    All about what's happening in this town + The Big Chicken in their avatar -- What's not to love?

    8) KIM SEVERSON @KimSeverson

    Atlanta Bureau Chief for The New York Times and one of the best food writers anywhere. Huge following, well deserved.

    9) KASIM REED @KasimReed

    Engaged, active and seemingly unscripted. Our Mayor has it going on.

    10) 2Chainz @2Chainz

    Over 2.3 million followers can't be all wrong. In and out of trouble. Parental discretion advised. 

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    2013's local social media influencers

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