2 victims in horrific crash were both caretakers for sick, disabled family members

Friends, family held a vigil for the fathers.

ATLANTA — Two people killed in a horrific crash Wednesday were both caretakers for their families.

The crash happened Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Campbellton Road and Lee Street in southwest Atlanta.

Police said they attempted to pull over a teen driver who was wanted for armed carjacking, but the driver refused to stop and drove through an intersection, slamming into Mark Hampton and Jermaine Jackson's car. They both died.

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Channel 2's Matt Johnson attended a vigil Thursday night where friends and family honored the two innocent victims.

"You don't even know if you're going to see your loved ones again. That's hard," said relative Vera Lucas.

The fathers who died had a lot to live for, and they both had either a sick or disabled family member who they spent most of their time caring for.

Jackson's family said he moved back in with his mother to be there as she battles cancer.

"No mother should ever have to go through what his mother is going through," Lucas said.

Hampton's mother said the 43-year-old had just picked up some medicine for his disabled 11-year-old son.


"He stuck by his son, 24 hours a day," Deborah Hampton said. "It's a great loss. Just my heart is just broken."

Atlanta police said officers were chasing 19-year-olds Marguell Scott and Emmanuel Fambro around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Jackson and Hampton were stopped at a red light when the stolen car hit them head-on.

"We're very strict on who we allow our officers to chase. In this case since the vehicle was taken by gunpoint, it was a carjacking, we did allow the chase to continue," said Atlanta Police Department Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier.

But both families have a lot of questions about why the chase continued.

"We thought they were going to stop doing the chases," Lucas said.

"Why were they chasing them in the city like that?" Hampton said.

The alleged driver has been accused of killing someone before.

In September, a jury found him not guilty of murder in connection with a 2018 home invasion.

Now he will face a new trial while two grieving families are left picking up the pieces.

"My son was an innocent, innocent, person, and Jermaine," Hampton said.

Police said officers recovered guns inside the stolen car that caused the crash.

Both suspects face murder charges, and police are looking into whether they can charge them with more crimes.