• 2 men charged with kidnapping, beating, robbing business owner

    By: Tom Jones


    Detectives say kidnappers beat and threatened to kill a business owner after discovering he had less than $60 in his bank account.

    Frederick Anderson and David Starks face armed robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping and hijacking a motor vehicle charges. That's after Clayton County police said the men attacked J&D Trucking owner Paul Moser on March 11 as he arrived at his business on Atlanta South Parkway around 4 a.m.

    Moser was beaten so badly doctors thought he would lose one of his eyes.
    During a preliminary hearing, Detective James Watson testified that Starks arranged the attack.

    "He helped figure out who they were going to rob and where. He worked two doors down from it. He was fired two weeks before and he knew that they opened at 4 o’clock in the morning," Watson said.
    Watson explained that Starks gathered possibly four other men to commit the robbery. He described Anderson, who was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car used to transport Moser, as the enforcer.

    "The subject in the front passenger seat would turn around from time to time point a gun at Mr. Moser and say, ‘You better answer his questions or I will kill you,’" he said.
    Moser said the men robbed, beat and kidnapped him, forcing him to give them his PIN.
    Detectives testified the attackers weren't happy when they found only about $60 in Moser's account.

    "One of them said that there wasn't enough money for their time so they would just kill him," Watson testified.
    The detective said the kidnappers eventually let Moser go after they tried to get $5,000 from Moser's business, but police were there.
    Officers were able to catch up Starks after they said surveillance video showed Starks at a gas station where he attempted to use Moser's ATM card.  Detectives said Starks' license plate number could also be seen on the video.
    Detectives also said Starks had incriminating evidence on him when he was arrested. 

    "He did have in his pocket the victim's BP gas card," Detective John Conwell, Sr. said.
    Anderson's attorney got  the Ddetective to admit there is no physical evidence against his client.

    Anderson was arrested after Starks said he participated.  It didn’t matter to the judge. She found there is probable cause to move the case to Superior Court.
    The three other suspects remain on the loose.

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    2 men charged with kidnapping, beating, robbing business owner