• 2-legged dog and unusual chicken are a match in Gwinnett


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A two-legged chihuahua on wheels and a silkie chicken may not be the likeliest animals to be best friends, but they've formed an endearing friendship at a Gwinnett animal hospital.

    Alicia Williams, the client services receptionist at Duluth Animal Hospital, saved both animals who have now become an attraction at the facility.

    Williams told Channel 2 Action News she saved Penny the silkie chicken from an experimental chicken program.

    Roo, the chihuahua who has been fitted with a special wheelchair, was found abandoned in a park. He was just 7-weeks-old.

    Williams said she brings the pair to work and they've become so popular that some patients are scheduling their appointment around Penny and Roo's appearances.

    The two animals enjoyed last week's winter weather. Rolling and walking through the snow leaving some unique trails.

    Williams has other rescued animals at home including a dog rescued from a pit bull fighting ring.

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