2 killed in Pike County plane crash

PIKE COUNTY, Ga. — A small plane crash in Pike County killed two people Thursday evening.

“When I got back here, it was all in flames,” said resident Don Rainwater.

Don Rainwater owns several acres of land near the Peach State Airport in Williamson.

The single-engine plane took off from the airport around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, and shortly after takeoff, it crashed on Rainwater’s property.

He came to see if anyone survived.

“The plane had already burned up, except for the tail section,” Rainwater said.


The crash killed both people on board. Everyone in the small community knows who they are, but officials haven’t released their names yet.

Winston Gray, 7, was riding in a golf cart with his grandmother when the plane took off.

”It took off close to the runway. I saw smoke and then I saw the pokes at the top and I was, like, ‘Fire! Fire!’ I told my grandma to call 911,” Gray said. %



Rainwater thinks it’s a miracle that the plane crash didn’t cause a huge fire on his property.

“They said he had very little fuel on the plane. That's the reason there wasn't more fire than it was. If he had a full tank of fuel, all this would've been burned up because it would've scattered the fuel everywhere,” Rainwater said.