• 2 arrested, 2 on the run after robbing grandfather at gunpoint, police say

    By: Chris Jose


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A grandfather told Channel 2 Action News four masked gunmen forced their way into his home on Ventnor Place in Marietta, and stole cash, a computer and designer handbags. 

    Duane Jett, 65, said two of his friends were helping him move when someone knocked on the door Tuesday. He said he was forced to the ground at gunpoint. 

    “Next thing I know, there’s somebody in my bedroom, pointing a gun at my head,” Jett said.

    Jett said when the gunmen saw flashing blue lights they ran away, but not before taking off with his personal items.

    “When I said, ‘Police out there,’ they opened the door and ran,” Jett said.

    Cobb County police were able to arrest Marcellis Richardson and Romero Lindley in the home invasion.

    Police said a K-9 team tracked down the pair of 21-year-olds who allegedly stole cash and more than $1,000 worth of items, including two Louis Vuitton bags. 


    “They were tossing the apartment looking for different things. They ended up grabbing a bag, a laptop, couple of other effects,” said Sarah O’Hara, with Cobb County Police Department.

    Police said the other two home invaders got away in the woods nearby. The K-9 team was unable to pick up their scents.

    Jett said he tried to get a better look at the men, but he never did because he was facing the ground.

    Jett told Channel 2 Action News he said a prayer that helped him stay calm.

    “Just see me through this one. Guide me again,” Jett said.

    Jett is left wondering why the four men targeted his home.

    Court records show the two captured home invasion suspects are career criminals. In the last four years, police arrested Richardson and Lindley for a long list of crimes, including drugs and thefts.

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