17-year-old out of ICU after battling COVID-19 for weeks at Children’s Healthcare

FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. — It has been an agonizing summer for a Floyd County mother whose teenager has been in the hospital for weeks fighting COVID-19.

Tieisha Hunt told Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen that her son was a healthy, strong 17-year-old before it all changed in an instant.

“He couldn’t tell me what was wrong. All he could say was ‘help!’ No parent wants to experience it. I’ll tell you that,” she said.

Back on June 30, Jy’Merius Glynn collapsed in his bedroom. That night, he was rushed to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite where doctors broke the news that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Glynn spent weeks hooked up to a ventilator and needed dialysis when his kidneys began to fail.

“Children can get it. It’s very serious. I almost lost my son, so I know,” Hunt said.


Meanwhile, three of Glynn’s siblings also tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully none of them showed symptoms.

Before all this happened, Hunt didn’t think any of her seven children were at risk.

“A lot of us are underestimating COVID. I was one of them until it hit home for me. When it did -- you never think it’s gonna hit you,” she said.

Now after six weeks in the hospital, her son is finally out of intensive care and feeling much better. Last week, Glynn was taken off oxygen and is on the road to recovery.

Hunt said she relied on the Children’s Healthcare physicians and her faith to get their family through it.

“I’m speechless. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, but God said otherwise. There may not be a cure for COVID, but prayer definitely changes things,” the mother of seven said.

Hunt isn’t sure when her 17-year-old son will be able to leave Children’s Healthcare and come home. But when he does, she said Glynn is staying there.

“My advice, just keep them home. If you don’t have to be anywhere, the safest place is home.”