• Family holds candlelight vigil for slain 13-year-old


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - The family of a 13-year-old is struggling with the loss of a teen who died after being shot during a robbery in Forest Park.

    Family and friends gathered Tuesday night for a candlelight vigil near where Steven Galindo was killed at the Bradford Ridge Apartments.

    "He got hit right here, and once he got hit, he said, 'Samaria, come back, I got shot.' He said, 'Help me,'"  his sister, Samaria Diaz, said.

    The robbery happened about 11 p.m. Monday at 415 Sylvia Dr.

    Clayton County police were told Galindo was putting air in his sister's tire  when a red SUV pulled up. Two men got out of the SUV, demanding their keys and other belongings.

    Diaz gave her keys to the robber and one of the robbers snatched a necklace from her neck. The second robber tried to crank the vehicle, but it didn't start.

    At some point, one of the robbers began shooting at the vehicle and the two victims. Another pulled out a baseball bat and began hitting the truck. Both victims attempted to run away, but Galindo was struck. Diaz said her brother couldn't get away in time.

    "I ran back and I carried (him) back and put him in my lap, and tried to give him CPR," Diaz said, choking back tears.

    Galindo, an eighth-grader, died of his injuries at a hospital, police said.

    Meanwhile, their brother, Jose Diaz, chased the two shooters as they fled.

    "They pointed the gun at me and I told him 'shoot it,'" he said. "But it didn't have no more bullets in it."

    It was Galindo's 6-year-old sister, Alondra, who tearfully asked the question, "Who shot my brother?"

    "She's saying she wants someone to please help her find who shot her brother," Samaria Diaz said. "Every time someone calls me, she's like, 'Is that Stevie?' 'No, baby.'"

    Clayton County Police returned to the complex Tuesday evening. Sheriff Victor Hill also stopped by to talk with family.

    "You wanted the money, take it, that's material," Samaria Diaz said. "My brother's life, I can't get that back. I can't."

    Neighbor Lance Riley said Galindo was a nice young man.

    "Every time I see him he was always very mannerly and cordial," he said.

    Samaria Diaz said her brother dreamed about joining the Marines. He also loved football and was supposed to start practice Tuesday.

    "He was such a good kid and, you know, they really, really destroyed his dreams for $5 and a truck they didn't even take," she said.

    Officer Phong Nguyen said police went door-to-door in the complex, searching for clues.

    "We do have detectives out here right now," he said.

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    Family holds candlelight vigil for slain 13-year-old