6-year-old, 12-year-old with gun accused of chasing down group on Beltline

ATLANTA — Police said a group of people in their 30s were chased down a portion of the Beltline by a 6-year-old and 12-year-old armed with a gun and rocks.

Channel 2's Matt Johnson learned the adults were walking in Adair Park on the westside trail Sunday afternoon when Atlanta police said two children walked up to them and pointed a gun at them and started throwing rocks at them.

Two of the adults were hit by the “baseball-sized rocks.”

It started when police say the two kids asked to use the swing and the group said yes.


"They've got guns and they use them kind of regularly," said Angel Poventud, the man who built the park.

Poventud was already concerned about kids using guns to rob people in the community before he heard Monday's news.

"Not much supervision, either from parents, or from the, kind of the greater community," he said. "It's not just a pebble or something but it was a rock being thrown that did some damage."

One of the men hit was left with a leg injury.

Just a few weeks ago police say armed robbers as young as ten carjacked someone in the same Adair Park neighborhood.

Poventud said there is one obvious way he believes guns are ending up with kids.

"I hear stories all the time of people's cars getting broken in to and they have a gun in the glove box and it's not secure and it gets stolen, and that happens all the time," he said.