• 1 dead, 6 injured in Atlanta house shooting

    By: Darryn Moore


    ATLANTA - A group of gunmen opened fire on a southwest Atlanta house and shot seven people.

    The homicide commander said there's been an ongoing feud between two groups and they apparently decided to settle their differences with guns.

    A person who lives at the home targeted said that the shooters got the wrong house.

    Police were on Osborne Street around midnight after getting a call about shots fired in Southwest Atlanta. 

    Shooting in Atlanta on Osborne.
    Shooting in Atlanta on Osborne.

    “They encountered multiple people shot at this location and actually one person deceased,” said Atlanta Lt. Ricardo Vazquez.

    Investigators found six men and one woman shot inside the house. 

    One of those victims, Kelvin Sutton, died at the scene, according to authorities. 

    Kelvin Sutton
    Kelvin Sutton

    “We believe it’s a retaliatory shooting,” Vazquez said.

    Investigators said that Thursday night, someone fired shots at the group of people a block away on Birch Street. That's when several gunman decided to retaliate.


    “The suspects came from Birch Street and at that point in time, it was kind of an ongoing dispute, it appears,” Vazquez said.

    Sutton's cousin told Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach that he was outside playing dominoes when shots came out of nowhere. He ducked for cover, not getting a good look at the shooters, who he said shot up the wrong house.

    Osborne shooting at car.
    Osborne shooting at car.

    "Some guys looking to retaliate went for the wrong people. Sounded like a couple people," said the victim's cousin. "Sounded like a handgun, then some automatics."

    The six survivors suffered non-life-threatening injuries. 

    Authorities have not released any information about the possible suspects.

    Friday night, residents gathered to remember Sutton.

    "As long as I can remember, he's been a person in the neighborhood that took care of it,” said resident James Tukes, Sr. “He came out and cleaned. He came and did things for folks in their yards to help them beautify and keep the community looking good."


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