• 'No one stops me': Parents say school's front door is too unguarded

    By: Audrey Washington


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - When the new school year begins, students will notice new security at all Douglas County schools.

    The district plans to make the improvements to better monitor who comes in and out of the schools.

    Right now, there is no buzzer system at the front door of Alexander High in Douglasville. That concerns some parents, so Channel 2’s Audrey Washington took the issue straight to the school district and got some answers.

    Jeanne Newell said it’s pretty easy to pick up her grandson at school. A little too easy, in her opinion.

    “I walk up to the door, pull the handle and I walk in,” Newell said. “No one stops me.” 

    Unlike the elementary and middle schools in the county, district officials said there’s no buzzer system at the entrance of Alexander and at some of the other high schools. They all have open access.

    That bothers Newell, given the recent incidents at public schools across the country. 

    “It can happen anywhere people and at anytime,” Newell said. 

    Thursday, Audrey called the school district.

    A representative said that only at Manchester High School are visitors buzzed in and students have key cards to gain access to certain rooms, inside the school.

    The district acknowledged the issue at the other high schools and went on to say, "All of the hardware is in place at all of the high schools right now.”

    Starting in the fall of 2019, all Douglas County high schools will require key card access and a buzzer system to gain entry.

    Newell hopes that happens as promised.

    “Hopefully it will be there and I will check,” Newell said.

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