'I'm absolutely innocent,' says doctor accused of running pill mill with former NFL player

Dr. Victor Hansen treated NFL players.

FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. — Only Channel 2 Action News spoke with a doctor who's accused of running a pill mill.

He insists he's innocent, despite having two dozen charges filed against him. Channel 2's Tom Jones learned a former NFL player is also charged.

Dr. Victor Hanson said former NFL player Sedrick Hodge is his friend, and he treated him and his wife for their legitimate medical issues.

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Now, the doctor, the Hodges and another man face some serious charges after the federal government says they operated a pill mill.

“I am absolutely innocent. I've done nothing wrong and I've broken no laws,” Hanson said.

Hanson was emphatic he never operated a pill mill, illegally dispensing powerful narcotics.

“So no illegal distribution of narcotics like opioids?” Jones asked Hanson.

“No, absolutely not,” Hanson said.

The federal government disagrees. A 24-count indictment alleges Hanson; Hodge; Hodge's wife, Farrah; and Marcus McConnell distributed and dispensed opioids for no legitimate medical purpose.

“What's wrong with relieving pain so somebody can go about their daily activity?” Hanson said.


The government said the Hodges and McConnell also illegally distributed narcotics.

Hanson operated a Sandy Springs weight loss clinic.

Jones called the clinic and got a message Hanson had recorded for his patients, saying he was closing the office.

“Why did you shut down your office?” Jones asked Hanson.

“Well, I am pretty much sick of medicine, at this point. I mean, I’ve been treated like a criminal. I don't like walking around with handcuffs and leg braces,” Hanson said.

The voice message also stated Hanson had not written any prescriptions for narcotics after July 31.

“Why did you make that statement?” Jones asked.

“Because there could be people forging prescriptions,” Hanson said.

Prosecutors want Hanson's medical license revoked if he is convicted. The doctor said he is retired.

Hanson and McConnell entered pleas of not guilty.

The Hodges went before a judge at an earlier court appearance.