'He looks miserable': PETA slams Bulldogs over Uga, urges program to retire mascot

ATLANTA — He's one of the most beloved mascots in college football, but a well-known animal rights organization is not happy that Uga, University of Georgia's school mascot, is being taken state to state and paraded in front of fans.

Uga X, known as "Que," has been Georgia's mascot since 2015. He's the latest in a line of dogs that dates back to 1956 when Uga I, "Hood's Ole Dan," first took the field for the home opener against Florida State.

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Although the mascot has been a tradition for the university, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, says enough is enough.

On Monday evening, the organization tweeted, "HE LOOKS MISERABLE!"

PETA is urging the athletics program to retire the mascot, stating animals are not mascots.

Fans quickly responded to PETA's push to retire Uga.

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