Jury: Jonathan Bun guilty of murder

JONESBORO, Ga. — A jury has found the man accused of killing a Clayton County deputy guilty of murder.

Jonathan Bun fatally shot Clayton County Deputy Rick Daly, a 25-year police veteran, on July 20. Bun was arrested hours later after a massive manhunt.

The jury had only been out for 2 hours, before coming back with the guilty verdict.

The verdict comes just one day after Bun took the stand, describing the details of the shooting.

Bun said he was in the passenger seat of his friend's car and noticed a white truck following him. Inside the white truck was fugitive-apprehension team trying to arrest Bun on armed robbery charges, police said.

Bun said he saw Daly approach, but he had no idea that it was a deputy walking up to his friend's car, so he opened fire.

"After I shot, I feel like the bullet struck the person. [In] a quick split-second, I looked at the person that was on the floor, which was Deputy Daly, and after that, within a split-second, I just took off running," Bun said.

Prosecutors pointed out that during a videotaped interview, Bun told investigators he saw blue lights in his side mirror and knew it was an officer.

Bun also testified he had never heard of an undercover officer. The remark led to some snickering in the courtroom, Channel 2's Tom Jones reported.

"As far as I see, I'm not guilty of malice murder because I didn't just wanna kill a person in cold blood," Bun testified. "I could even say I'm guilty, but I'm not wrong for what I've done."