• Jersey Shore invades Jekyll Island at Agatha's

    By: Nelson Hicks


    ATLANTA,None - There's a salon competition going down on Jekyll Island and the gang from the "Jersey Shore" is taking part. To top it off, there's a murder, too.

    That's the premise behind Agatha's-A Taste of Mystery latest production, "Jekyllicious."

    Agatha's is a dinner theater in the heart of Atlanta. This year marks the company's 25th anniversary of combining dinner and murder in a humorous way.

    GALLERY: "Jersey Shore" murder on Jekyll Island at Agatha's

    "What we do are murder mystery comedies, " Ricky Warren from Agatha's told Nelson's News on wsbtv.com. "They are all written just for Agatha's. We involve the audience. There are two professional actors who run the show and the rest is up to the audience."

    This isn't a dinner theater that only involves only eating and watching. The audience members are active participants in the murder, investigation and eventual solution to the crime.

    "Everyone gets a new identity or part in the show, some are major speaking parts and others are a group activity, but everyone gets something to do," Warren said.


    Scenes happen in between the restaurant's five-course dinner and include characters from "Jersey Shore," "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," "CSI" and "CSI: Miami" along with politicians, musicians and other famous folks.  

    'You get these fabulous over-the-top characters, a lot of fun, a lot of improv involved because 20 people in the audience, you get 20 new actors every night, standing, reading their line either fabulously, and you're fearing for your job, or they stink," Agatha's actor Emily Turner said. "And either way, it's funny."

    Shows are at 7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Saturday, 8 p.m. on Friday and 6 p.m. on Sundays. Check out Agathas.com for more information.

    Past shows at Agatha's include "Pirates of the Chattahoochee," "Silence of the Hams" and "Graves Anatomy."

    "Jekyllicious" runs through Apr. 18. "America's Got Murder!!" starts Apr. 19. Here's a summary of it:

    "It's a big, big night--the finals of 'The XYZ Factor,' America's newest, loudest and gaudiest talent competition!! The brainchild of superstar producer Simon Scowl, 'The XYZ Factor' takes ordinary Joes and Josephines and turns them into the stars of tomorrow!

    Along with his fellow judge, former singing sensation Paula Low Attention Span, Simon Scowl is determined to make 'The XYZ Factor' the ultimate talent show. Nothing can stand in his way---except, of course, MURDER!!"   "Follow the clues and help solve the mystery, along with suspects David Hasslehoffer, vacuous model Nicole Nicole Nicole and celebrity judge and NFL quarterback Tim T-Bone as they come to the shocking conclusion that 'America's Got Murder!!'"

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