• Gwinnett man grateful for life after being struck by lightning

    By: Dave Huddleston


    NORCROSS, Ga. - Adam Horrisberger says he has a real appreciation for life after he was struck by lightning.

    "I remember hearing a loud crash, boom and my whole body tensing and going to the ground," Horrisberger said.

    On May 19, Horrisberger, 43, of Norcross, said he was participating in 5K run and obstacle course race.

    He'd done well, finished in the top 10 percent, but then a storm came

    "We took cover by some bathrooms and shower area, and then the lighting comes and starts cracking right above us," Horrisberger said.

    That's when he said one of the bolts hit him.

    "I don't remember any visuals, I just remember the excruciating muscle contraction through my body and then going down," Horrisberger said.

    Horrisberger showed Channel 2's Dave Huddleston where he thinks the bolt entered his body.

    He told Huddleston it traveled down his right side and exited through his right hip.

    This energy from the bolt left Horrisberger with burns and holes in his clothes.

    "Everybody's eyes were wide like deer, like 'what just happened?'" Horrisberger said.

    He was checked out by paramedics and even went to Emory Hospital, everything came back normal.

    "They had never seen anyone survive a strike like this before, is what they had said to me," Horrisberger said

    Horrisberger said the whole experience has changed his outlook on life.

    "All those things can be snatched rather quickly in an experience like this. It's apparent that we should be grateful," Horrisberger said.

    The one thing doctors said they want to keep an eye on is Horrisberger's kidneys. He also said as the day goes on, he gets a little tired, but each day it gets better.

    Horrisberger said he has nothing scheduled now, but he's looking forward to his next race.

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