Mothers make children clean up after they vandalized church

Children help clean up church after vandalizing it

MORGAN COUNTY, Ga. — Five juveniles were arrested for vandalizing a church, and police say they caused more than $10,000 worth of damage.

The church pastor convinced their parents to let the juvenile suspects help clean up their own mess.

All five suspects were cleaning up their own mess Tuesday -- the parents of two suspects made them come back and clean up even more of their mess Wednesday.

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The church pastor thinks this was all part of God's plan so that he could help these children develop into productive adults.

“We've already spent over $7,000, and we ain't finished,” pastor Garfield Chamber said.


They poured paint all over the pews of "The Madison House of Refuge,” ruined the sound system and spray painted words like "demon, you're going to hell", then painted the number "666."

“It was demonic signs and private parts from bodies (that) were drawn up there,” Chamber said.

Chambers said when his wife laid eyes on this, she broke down in tears.

“She just sat in the sanctuary and squalled because we've given up everything we've got to make this happen for others,” Chamber said.

Chambers thought adults did this to his church, but Morgan County Sheriff's deputies caught some kids breaking into the church the night after the vandalism.

Deputies told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernades that the children are between the ages of 10-13 and admitted they did all of this.

They allegedly told police they broke in through a window.

“They gave me permission to come pick them up at will, and let them clean and start helping around the church,” Chamber said. “Gives me hope knowing they're in a good environment and they're sorry for what they've done.”