• Many Georgia doctors have not signed up for opioid program

    ATLANTA (AP) - About 1,100 doctors in Georgia have not signed up for a program to monitor opioid use.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported doctors were supposed to sign up by Jan. 1 for the state's prescription drug monitoring program. The doctors were supposed to start checking the program July 1 before prescribing opioids and certain other drugs.

    But the newspaper says many doctors have not signed up despite warnings. Officials say 24,000 doctors have signed up

    The Georgia Composite Medical Board has not yet ordered any punishment.

    The board discussed the matter Thursday, but the Attorney General's Office said the board would have to build a case against each doctor, gather documents, call people to testify and holding hearings.

    Assistant Attorney General Max Changus said the law is unclear on punishment.


    Information from: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, http://www.ajc.com

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