• Boil water advisory issued in Atlanta

    ATLANTA (AP) - Many Atlanta residents were advised Monday to boil water before consuming, or cooking with it, following a problem at a city pumping station.

    Local news outlets report that much of the city lost water service, or experienced low water pressure Monday morning. Service was largely restored by the afternoon, but the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management cautioned people to boil water before consuming.

    The statement said people who had experienced water outages or low pressure are "advised to boil all water prior to use, or use bottled water, for drinking, cooking, preparing baby food or brushing teeth."

    People were advised to boil the water for one minute past a rolling boil. Infants, the elderly and those with immune deficiencies should be particularly cautious.

    The boil water advisory is only in effect for certain areas. The department had a map of the impacted area on its website.

    People were also advised not to drink from public water fountains in the impacted area.

    The water outage stemmed from a problem at the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant and Pumping Station. While the issue was solved, the department said the advisory will remain in effect as water samples are tested.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the outage and subsequent boil water advisory disrupted businesses, restaurants and schools on Monday.

    Restaurants served bottled drinks in place of fountain beverages. Dozens of Atlanta Public Schools did not serve students water Monday afternoon.

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