• Family wants answers after loved one fatally shot by police

    By: Ryan Young


    EAST POINT, Ga.,None - As the Georgia Bureau of Investigation continues its investigation into a police-involved shooting in East Point, family and friends of the dead man are not holding back.

    Two men inside the home during the shooting Thursday night said police didn't find drugs and guns in the house, and said their exit from jail proves it.

    Channel 2's Ryan Young has been following the story since the shooting happened and joins us live.

    "Oh I'm real angry and then they telling us, I know ain't nothing in there and they telling us don't worry about him being dead or whatever when we trying to see what going on is he dead. They talking about don't worry about that where the drugs at? Where the drugs at?" Juan Ballard, the victim's nephew said.

    Ballard says he's having a hard time believing East Point police shot his uncle during a drug warrant raid at his house Thursday afternoon.

    "They come busting the door down saying 'Raid!' So I hear the boom. So we see them coming up. By the time we see them coming up. So everybody all … we already know isn't nothing in the house," Ballard said.


    Dwight Person, 54, was in one of the rooms of the home and a female officer said he made a threatening gesture.

    His family and Person's mother are now searching for answers.

    "I don't know how she could have shot him," Verdelle Person said.

    "By that time they tore the door down, everybody just started lying down. And how he gone make a gesture or a move, a final move and they shot him up under the arm?" Ballard said. "They grabbed him by his arm and slung him on the porch."

    Friends and family said they could see Person dying on the porch.

    "Weren't no weapons in the house or nothing. No drugs or nothing wasn't in the house," Ballard said.

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    Family wants answers after loved one fatally shot by police