• Family: Rapper Rick Ross' Pit Bulls Killed Our Dog


    ATLANTA,None - Rapper Rick Ross is being sued by a metro Atlanta family who claims three of his pit bulls attacked their dog.

    Channel 2's Erin Coleman went to Ross’ Fayetteville neighborhood and spoke to a next-door neighbor.

    “It’s just been a real bad experience for me,” said Maria Allen. “I can’t imagine the pain that he went through when he was attacked by them,” she said of Banks, her 3-year-old Yorkie.

    Her son-in-law, Salim Morency, was on the porch. He said one of the dogs got ahold of Banks and the other two charged him.

    “The dog had already got a piece of my sweatpants,” said Morency, as he showed Coleman how he climbed a column to escape the dogs.

    “I just went up. I pulled myself up, and I just kept going,” he said. “One of them is about the same size as me, head twice the size of mine,” he said.

    The Yorkie had to be put down, and Allen said to make matters worse, Ross hasn’t apologized.

    Allen said the dogs are constantly getting out of their fence. A Channel 2 photographer shot video of a gaping hole in Ross’ fence. When Coleman went to Ross’ home Friday, the dogs were locked up in a shed.

    Several weeks ago, Allen said, the dogs got out of his home off Highway 316 around 11:30 p.m.

    Fayette County sheriff’s deputies and animal control both confirmed that they’ve received several calls about the dogs getting loose.

    “When I saw them coming up the alleyway, I just saw eyes,” said Allen. “It’s just not fair. I feel like it’s definitely not fair,” she said.

    Coleman tried to reach Ross through his music group and at his home.

    No one answered when she buzzed the intercom at Ross’ security gate.

    Allen has filed a lawsuit seeking $15,000 in damages as a way of getting some justice, she said, although it won’t bring back Banks.

    “It’s not going to replace him at all,” Allen said.

    The family members said they feel like prisoners in their own home as a result of the dogs and said they’re not filing the lawsuit for the money, but so that they and their neighbors can feel safe again.

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