• Family pleading to parole board not to deport man who killed teens in drunken crash

    By: Tom Jones


    MARIETTA, Ga.,None - Families of three teens killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant are mounting a campaign to keep him from being paroled and deported.

    The families believe if Sergio Montelongo-Sanchez is deported back to Mexico he will come back to the U.S. and cause the same type of crash that killed their loved ones on Sandtown Road near Booth 11 years ago.

    They're also not happy he could be released after serving less than a third of his sentence.

    "He served just a little over 10 years. That's not very long for killing three beautiful young people," Delores Boone, the grandmother of victim, Miechelle Bourgeois, said.

    Bourgeois is furious that the illegal immigrant who pleaded guilty to driving drunk and causing a crash that killed her granddaughter and two other teens could be released on parole soon.

    The Pardons and Parole Board has set a July 2012 tentative parole release date for Montelongo-Sanchez. He would have only served 12 years of a 45-year sentence if released. The victim's families are outraged.

    "We have laws for a reason and he broke several of them and killed three people and handicapped a fourth one. And now he gets to walk out of prison like nothing ever happened," said Michael Bourgeois, Miechelle's brother.

    The families are also upset that Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans to deport Montelongo-Sanchez if the board releases him.

    "You know it's a happy day for him. He gets right out of prison and goes home, and then turns around and comes right back," Bourgeois said.

    The parole board told Channel 2's Tom Jones Montelongo-Sanchez is eligible for parole because of a law that requires any inmate sentenced to 21 or more years to be eligible for parole after serving seven years of that sentence.

    The victims' families have set up Facebook pages urging people to contact the Parole Board and voice their concerns about Montelongo-Sanchez's possible release.

    "I don't see it as justice. No," Bourgeois said.

    "He needs to serve most of his sentence," Boone said.

    The victim's families have until Nov. 7 to write the board and try and convince them to keep Montelongo-Sanchez behind bars.

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