• Family Dog Shot, Killed By Police

    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Clayton County family was devastated after their dog was killed by a police officer on Saturday.

    The incident occurred on North Shore Drive at about 11 a.m., family members said.

    Family Dog Killed by Police Officer

    Clayton County police Lt. Tina Daniel said the officer was sent to the neighborhood after police received a call about a suspicious person in the area. Daniel said there had been at least one burglary in the area recently.

    Daniel said the officer was patrolling the area on foot when the golden retriever, Boomer, jumped off a porch and began barking and running toward the officer. Daniel said the officer commanded the dog to stop, but it did not, so he shot and killed it.

    Family members said the dog was restrained by an electronic fence, but Daniel said there was no sign posted in the yard to indicate that. She said it appeared the officer followed "proper protocol."

    Boomer was owned by 19-year-old Jonathan King, family spokeswoman Anna King said. She said the dog was the family pet of a widow with six children.

    "I really feel like my friend was murdered in my front yard," Jonathan King said.

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    Family Dog Shot, Killed By Police

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