• Potentially fake Uber driver robs woman in Virginia Highland


    ATLANTA - Police are telling one local community to be on the lookout for a possible fake Uber driver.

    Uber provides a taxi service through an app.

    Police said the suspected driver robbed at least one woman in northwest Atlanta.

    Now, they are warning potential customers to be careful who they get in the car with.

    They said to first make sure it is, in fact, the driver they were assigned through Uber.

    Police are warning customers to beware of a man, who claims to work for Uber, who they said robbed a woman.

    Police said that on July 13, the victim called for an Uber service, which is like a taxi. After getting into the car, police said the driver demanded money.

    They say to be careful using the service.

    “You never know what could happen. You could get shot, robbed, raped, I would be aware of it, and very conscious of who to get in (with), who to trust,” neighbor Syndi Vilayhande said.

    The Virginia Highland Civic Association put out an alert to neighbors, urging them to be on the lookout for the man.

    “I hadn't thought of it before, but I can see how it could be more likely to happen with Uber again, because you don't really have to have any kind of signifier that is your Uber,” neighbor Megan O'Neill said. 

    There are some ways to protect yourself when using Uber. For example, it will usually show a picture of what your driver looks like on the app.

    An Uber spokesperson sent Channel 2 Action News the following statement in response to the incident: 

    "Safety is our absolute number one priority. With unprecedented safety and accountability built into the app, riders are immediately provided the name and photo of the driver, license plate number, make and model of the vehicle, and can track the vehicle’s route as it approaches. Riders are also able to contact the driver at any point. All of this offers an added level of safety and comfort all before the driver even
    arrives. We urge all Uber users to take advantage of these safety features to ensure they are certain they have the right driver before getting into any vehicle.

    Additionally, all Uber driver partners must go through a rigorous and industry-leading background check. The three-step screening we’ve developed includes county, federal and multi-state checks that go back 7 years. More information on our safety policies can be found here: uber.com/safety."

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