• English family says daughter was murdered

    By: Erica Byfield


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga.,None - Stacey English's mother and stepfather are speaking out for the first time since the medical examiner confirmed that a body found in a wooded area was that of their daughter.

    Holding hands, the couple sat down with Channel 2's Erica Byfield and left a resounding message that they believe Stacey was murdered.

    "This is only one level of closure. There are other levels of closure that need to take place. So, we thank God for allowing us to find our daughter," said Cindy Jamison, Stacey's mother.

    Wrapped in her husband's embrace, Jamison said she believes someone murdered her daughter and placed her body in the woods.

    "There is no doubt in my mind that there had to be some type of foul play involved. The way that she was found and where she was found, and that is what we are wanting, to make sure that no one gets tired at this point, it's only beginning, there is a lot more work to do," Jamison said.

    "We are going to keep our daughter's face in the media because until we have the end result, we won't just sit by," said Stacey's stepfather, Kevin Jamison.

    At one point, Byfield said Cindy Jamison couldn't help but sob.


    The family's attorney said his team will work directly with a private investigator and the Atlanta police because he also thinks someone killed English.

    "I believe she was taken there and I believe APD is going to do a job and they are going to do it well," attorney Ricky Morris said.

    "Just as long as every stone is overturned and looked at, that should be done," Kevin Jamison said.

    The family hopes to release funeral plans soon. Cindy Jamison said she'll bury her daughter on Feb. 4.

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    English family says daughter was murdered